Climate Action and Resiliency

Make Sonoma County carbon neutral by 2030.

Goal 4, Objective 3

Upgrade the existing County-owned Electric Vehicle charging station infrastructure by 2023.
On Track 100%

Updated: January 2024

Summary of objective implementation status (achievements or progress over last year; significant delays or issues, etc.)

This objective is complete, but Fleet is now expanding County Fleet charging infrastructure.  Extended lead times for EV charging hardware has been a challenge for most of FY22-23.  After finally receiving the EV charging hardware, 16 out of service ports (8 Level 1 and 8 Level 2) have been replaced and upgraded.  Level 1 charging, also known as slow charging, is equivalent to a regular household outlet, which provides 120V at 15-20 Amps.  Level 2 charging provides 240V and up to 80 amps, which currently reflects all the County chargers.  The replaced and upgraded sites include the following: 

  • 2300 County Center Dr, Santa Rosa (6 ports)
  • 1202 Apollo Way, Santa Rosa (4 ports)
  • 2550 Ventura Ave, Santa Rosa (2 ports)
  • 1351 Maple Ave, Santa Rosa (4 ports)

New sites:


  • 300 Fiscal Dr, Santa Rosa (6 ports)
  • 1375 N Dutton Ave, Santa Rosa (4 ports)
  • Ragle Ranch – 500 Ragle Rd, Sebastopol (2 ports)
  • Taylor Mountain – 3870-3400 Petaluma Hill Rd, Santa Rosa (2 ports)
  • North Sonoma Mountain – 5301 Sonoma Mountain Rd, Santa Rosa (2 ports)

Upcoming and prospective sites for EV charging stations, including their applicable fundings sources and amounts are as follows:


  • Project funded by Climate Resilience Funding (Electrifying Patrol) in the amount of $685,000
    • Sheriff’s Office – 2796 Ventura Ave, Santa Rosa (13 ports)
  • Project funded by Regional Parks (pending estimates). Chargers funded by Strategic Plan Funding in the amount of $17,500
    • Maxwell Park – 100 Verano Ave, Sonoma (4 ports)
  • Project to be funded by ISD (pending estimates). Chargers to be funded by Strategic Plan Funding in the amount of $28,000
    • ISD – 2680 Ventura Ave, Santa Rosa (6 ports)


Total County Ports

Total Active Ports

Total Out of Service Ports

% Active to Total

Baseline (July 1, 2021)





July 1, 2022





July 1, 2023





January 1, 2024





Key milestone update (include relevant metrics, if applicable)

  • Conduct first phase of fleet electrification assessment with Green Light Labs to inform Fleet Electrification Report
    • Completed April 2021
  • Hire a Program Manager and Senior Office Assistant to provide bandwidth for refueling and charging infrastructure
    • Department choosing to postpone additional positions until further notice.
  • Conduct second phase of fleet electrification study with Green Light Labs to inform Fleet Transition Plan
    • Green Light Labs has exited from the fleet consulting space, forcing the original consultant to take a position at EV Re-Fleet (EVRF). As such, Fleet is now using EVRF, to conduct the second phase of the fleet electrification study, due to the consultant’s familiarity with the original report and analysis.  Fleet has received the consultant’s report as of November 2023 and is reviewing to implement some of their suggestions. 
  • Implement EV charging infrastructure informed by Green Light Labs reports
    • Fleet is currently using EVRF as a substitution for Green Light Labs. Fleet has received the consultant’s report as of November 2023 and is reviewing to implement some of their suggestions. 
  • Maintain refueling and charging infrastructure. This includes servicing and repairing existing infrastructure and informing the implementation of new infrastructure.
    • Fleet has continued to help County Departments with EV charging infrastructure expansion and implementation by providing the hardware, ongoing maintenance and management, and general guidance.
  • Seek and apply for new funding sources and opportunities
    • Fleet has assisted Departments with funding opportunities to support larger EV charging infrastructure projects. Notable projects include, “ARCs for Parks” and “Electrifying Patrol”.


Coordination and partnership update

Fleet is committed to assisting all County Departments in expanding and upgrading EV charging infrastructure.  Fleet, at no cost, will supply County Departments desiring to add charging infrastructure and willing to pay for the costs of installation with the EV charging hardware, assistance in maintaining the infrastructure, oversee the operations, and paying for the ongoing network service subscriptions.

Notable coordination and partnerships include:

  • Regional Parks – Fleet, in partnership with Regional Parks, has received funding for EV charging infrastructure expansion.  Most notable, the project “ARC in Parks”, funded through the Climate Action and Resiliency Fund, will place twelve (12) EV ARCs in multiple parks around the County.  This expansion will help Regional Parks further convert their carbon emitting vehicles with electric vehicles, which they are already actively executing.  Three (3) are current operational at Ragle Ranch Park, Taylor Mountain Park, and North Sonoma Mountain Park. 
  • Sheriff’s Office – Fleet, in partnership with the Sheriff’s Office, has received funding for EV charging infrastructure expansion.  The project “Electrifying Patrol”, funded through the Climate Action and Resiliency Fund, will place multiple Level 2 and 3 chargers at the Sheriff’s Office main location.  This will support administrative law enforcement vehicles immediately and newer Patrol vehicles expected to become available soon.  The significance of this project will allow the pilot of two (2) police pursuit rated EVs, the very first in their fleet.
  • Human Services – Fleet, in partnership with Human Services, has committed to expanding some of their existing EV charging sites and prospecting new locations.  They have also committed to incorporating new EVs each replacement cycle.
  • ISD – Fleet, in partnership with ISD, has committed to installing new EV charging infrastructure at two of their locations.  They have purchased and placed in to service two EV cargo vans to replace their aging gas cargo vans, and more as they become due.
  • Climate Action Division – Fleet and the Climate Action Division, frequently coordinates on new opportunities and ideas.
  • Energy and Sustainability Division – Fleet and the Energy and Sustainability Division, frequently coordinate on new opportunities and ideas.
  • Regional Climate Protection Agency (RCPA) – Fleet and the RCPA, meet on a quarterly basis with other local governments to discuss EV related items, including EV charging infrastructure expansion, vehicle adoption, funding opportunities, general progress, and challenges.

Community, equity and climate update

The County disseminated a press release to highlight the availability of new EV chargers for public use upon the completion of the “ARCs in Parks” project.  Fleet and Regional Parks hopes to engage the public in future placement of additional ARCs and/or EV charging infrastructure.

Funding narrative (If this objective received Strategic Plan funding in year 1 or year 2, please provide a status of expenditures to date.)

Fleet continues to actively seek potential funding opportunities inside and outside of the County to help build and maintain EV infrastructure.

Outside funding has been a challenge due to the minimum qualifications on grants that the County cannot meet where EV charging infrastructure is needed.  Currently, Fleet is anticipating funding from a letter of interest for funding through the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and has a grant proposal in for the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (CFI) Discretionary Grant Program.  Fleet is continuing to explore the PG&E EV Fleet Program and investigating opportunities for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Charge! Program grant.  Additional funding opportunities have surfaced, but applicability will be subject to the County meeting those qualifications.  Partnerships with other agencies have been key to help encourage outside funding.

Outside funding received:

  • Sonoma Clean Power
    • Approximately $150,000 in hardware will be provided to the “ARCs in Parks” project.

Outside funding anticipated:

  • To be Determined Public-Private Partnership
    • Estimated $2.5M in hardware and construction is expected to be saved, upon successful RFP of the “EV Park and Charge” project.

Internal funding received:

  • Year 1 Strategic Plan Implementation Fund –
    • $200,000 approved. Funds allocated to support three areas:  EV consulting costs, repair/maintenance of existing charging stations, and purchase of new charging stations.
  • Year 2 Strategic Plan Implementation Fund –
    • $182,000 approved. Funds allocated to support ongoing repair/maintenance of existing charging stations and the purchase of new charging station hardware.
  • Climate Action and Resiliency Fund –
    • $242,991 of the originally requested $1,027,200 has been used to partially fund the “ARCs in Parks” project. The difference is anticipated to be funded by a federal earmark request. 
    • $685,000 approved. Funds will be utilized for the “Electrifying Patrol” project.
    • $100,000 approved. Funds will be utilized for the “EV Park and Charge” project.