Climate Action and Resiliency

Make Sonoma County carbon neutral by 2030.

Goal 5, Objective 1

By 2025, update the County General Plan and other county/special district planning documents to incorporate policy language and identify areas within the County that have the potential to maximize carbon sequestration and provide opportunities for climate change adaptation. The focus of these actions will be to increase overall landscape and species resiliency, reduce the risk of fire and floods, and address sea level rise and biodiversity loss.
On Track

Updated: January 2024

Summary of objective implementation status (achievements or progress over last year; significant delays or issues, etc.)

The main focus of efforts during this implementation period has been the procurement of a consultant and the preparation of the data synthesis/modeling effort that provides a baseline carbon inventory and sequestration potential study—including an analysis of climate smart practices which may be implemented on natural and working lands to increase carbon sequestration—that will help guide policy, program and project developments to achieve this objective.  With the completion of the report, County of Sonoma Carbon Inventory and Sequestration Potential Study, October 2023, the main work of this objective can begin.

Key milestone update (include relevant metrics, if applicable)

The report, County of Sonoma Carbon Inventory and Sequestration Potential Study, October 2023 was finalized and accepted by the Board on November 7, 2023.  This report completed the Data Synthesis/Modeling Study prerequisite task for this objective.

Coordination and partnership update

This objective has required regular collaboration between County departments, Special Districts, and partners including the Climate Action and Resiliency Division in the County Administrator’s Office, Ag + Open Space, Sonoma Water, Permit Sonoma, the Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority, UC Cooperative Extension, Sonoma and Gold Ridge Resource Conservation Districts, and the Carbon Cycle Institute. In addition, a two-day carbon sequestration potential workshop was held in June 2023 with various public and private land management partners with the results summarized in the Appendices to the County of Sonoma Carbon Inventory and Sequestration Potential Study, October 2023.

Community, equity and climate update

No updates as of this reporting period.  Public engagement will occur as an integral part of planning for specific projects or programs.

Funding narrative (If this objective received Strategic Plan funding in year 1 or year 2, please provide a status of expenditures to date.)

The Climate Action and Resiliency Division received $500,000 from the Strategic Plan fund to complete the carbon sequestration study as well as an ongoing GHG inventory. Existing staff from the various County departments and special districts assisted in preparing this report and planning for next steps for implementing this objective.