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Goal 2, Objective 2

Develop and implement dashboard tracking tools to collect data on common outcome measures across Safety Net departments by 2026.
On Track 60%

Updated: January 2023​

Summary of Objective Implementation Status

To support effective Results- Based Accountability (RBA) implementation and data collection of common outcome measures across the Safety Net Departments, the County adopted the Clear Impact Scorecard; an online data dashboard to transparently share program and community-level data and to support Departments contracting with CBOs to standardize data collection and reporting, improve contract performance and measure progress over time.  The Scorecard is active and is currently being used to collect data for the contracts using RBA.  As part of this goal, four key metrics were identified for reporting purposes.

  1. Percentage of contracts over $50K using RBA
  2. Number of contracts submitting quarterly data through Apricot on time
  3. Percentage of contracts reporting positive progress
  4. Percentage of contracts utilizing the Turn the Curve method to evaluate progress

Implementation Lead is considering removing the first metric regarding the number of contract over $50k using RBA, as that metric, in retrospect is not very meaningful in identifying the types of contracts that should be using RBA.  Instead, a criteria or a screening tool will be developed to determine which contracts or programs are best suited for RBA and report on those.

Additionally, the criteria regarding metric number 3 will be refined to better define what is mean by “reporting positive progress,” beginning in January 2023.  Included under the key milestone are data related to data reported to date regarding metrics 2 and 4.

Key Milestone Update

The Sonoma County Scorecard was originally built to share data reflecting the safety net departments’ contracted work. In response to an increase in Safety Net contracts using RBA and the adoption of RBA to support the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Community Resilience Programs, the Scorecard is currently being expanded with an anticipated completion date of  December 2022. As part of the expansion, Upstream staff will train Safety Net Departments RBA contract managers to enter data in the Scorecard and to use the Scorecard to support program review, Turn the Curve Conversations (TTC) and decision-making.
Number of contracts submitting quarterly data through Apricot on time (based on Q3 of 2021 – 22)

Total RBA Contracts in 2021 – 22: 21
Total reporting on time in Q3: 19
Percentage reporting on time: 90%

Percentage of contracts utilizing the TTC method to evaluate progress

Total RBA Contracts in 2021 – 22: 21
Total using RBA to fidelity: 5
% using RBA to fidelity: 24%

Coordination and Partnership Update

Human Services is leading both 2.1 and 2.2 which are complementary efforts.  2.1 establishes the RBA framework and 2.2 produces the Dashboard to monitor progress. As noted in the summary, all American Rescue Plan Act grantees have developed performance measures using the RBA framework and will report and publish their data on the clear impact scorecard.

Community, Equity, and Climate Update

Working with the County Office of Equity, we have universally adopted the use of Anti-Racist RBA  to be used across all contracts,  including all contracts funded under the American Rescue Plan Act.

Funding Narrative

No funding is needed for ongoing costs related to the Scorecard subscription fee. These costs are currently being covered by the Human Services Department.  In the coming years, as more contracts start using the Scorecard for reporting, a block of additional indicators will need to be purchased.