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Goal 5, Objective 4

Expand detention alternatives with the goal of reducing the jail population, from pre-pandemic levels, by 15% at the end of 2022, while simultaneously reducing recidivism amongst the supervised offender population.
On Track 20%

Updated: January 2023

Summary of Objective Implementation Status

Probation launched the Behavioral Management System pilot in September 2022, which provides a more consistent and structured approach to sanctioning, relying on objective risk assessment measures to impose sanctions – including short periods of incarceration, electronic monitoring, imposition of work crew and community service hours, as well as resumption of behavioral intervention programming – with the supervised population. As part of the launch of the pilot, a new behavior response policy was adopted, Probation Officers participated in training of the new system, and a database was developed for officers to track behavior responses. 

With respect to the Pretrial Services program, Probation continues to monitor hundreds of people each day on pretrial release who remain in the community pending resolution of their case. In the Fall of 2022, the number of people who received a pretrial assessment (the Public Safety Assessment) by Probation increased by 17% compared to the prior quarter (April – June 2022). The number of people released onto pretrial monitoring also increased by 9% compared to the prior quarter. With the increase in workload, Probation is seeking to increase staffing to support Pretrial Services by hiring an additional Probation Assistant. 

Key Milestone Update

The Behavioral Management System pilot launched in September 2022, with training for Probation staff completed between May and September 2022. 

Probation submitted a program change request to reallocate funds in order to hire an additional Probation Assistant to support the Pretrial Services program. 

Coordination and Partnership Update

Probation has been in close communication with the Court and justice system partners through the roll out of the Behavior Management System. Probation continues to collaborate with Court partners through a monthly Pretrial Workgroup meeting, where implementation and program improvement issues are addressed. 

Community, Equity, and Climate Update

Probation applies an equity lens through the validation and review of  program data in relation to use of the Public Safety Assessment (pretrial risk assessment) as well as analysis of data regarding use of behavioral response grid/policy. We are awaiting on results of an updated validation study of the Public Safety Assessment, which will identify to what extent there may be differences in how the tool is performing across different racial/ethnic groups. Additionally, we are collecting data on the newly launched behavioral response system which will enable us to detect whether racial inequities exist in our practices. 

Funding Narrative

Currently all programs are funded through a combination of general fund, State/grant funds and Measure O funds.