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Goal 1, Objective 2

Establish a master list of technology needs that support operational/service improvements by mid-2022, identify enterprise solutions, and develop fiscal strategies to fund and implement improvements
In-Progress 70%

Updated: January 2023

Summary of Objective Implementation Status

Successful development of a master list of technologies required the implementation team to:

(1) Understand the priorities and needs of county departments and (2) identify those priorities requiring supporting technologies.

Status- Complete. The implementation team leveraged the existing annual SB272 data collection process to gather information on existing solutions and to solicit input on future needs for the Master List.  SB 272 requires the County to collect and make available to the public all software used by departments or a catalog of enterprise systems which must be published to the County website by July 1 every year. Each year ISD coordinates the SB 272 data collection with all departments. This year, the process included elements necessary to gather information for Master List which included an additional data collection request for technology needs that had not been met or were in the planning phase. The Objective Leads held a meeting with County department contacts to introduce a new data collection template to be used to gather prioritized future software needs of their respective area. This data has been consolidated, normalized, uploaded into a reporting database, and a SSRS report has been created and posted on the intranet. The report is accessible under Tools–> Future Software Needs: Master Technology List: Future Needs Report

(3) Identify existing systems supporting departmental operations to facilitate best sharing of technology solutions. These needs are already being captured in a variety of ways (e.g., Board priorities, departmental goals and objectives, strategic planning focus groups, strategic planning implementation plans, ARPA funding request submissions), and (4) identify new technology solutions required to enhance internal operational efficiencies and/or service to the community.

Status- In Progress, 90% Complete. As mentioned previously, the team leveraged the existing, annual SB272 process to request additional data collection beyond the SB 272 scope. The process included creation of a new front end web application to facilitate the SB272 data collection  effort which greatly reduces the time spent consolidating department responses. The solicitation request was expanded to include any business-oriented software used by the respective departments, which may not have been reported as part of the SB272 process in the past, be included on this year’s data collection.

The data on future technology needs as part of this process,  was captured and collated manually via excel spreadsheets as the SB272 web application does not include the ability to add future needs information. The implementation team has submitted a Year 2 Strategic Plan Funding Request for the creation of new Master software inventory application that will allow end users to enter and maintain information about future technologies and will link to the SB 272 web application to serve as the official repository of countywide technology solutions.

Remaining Activities to complete include the verification of collected data with the departments and verify if any existing software must be excluded from the Master Inventory list due primarily to security concerns.

(5) Work with departments to identify available funding sources for implementation of technology solutions, and (6) Develop financial strategies to fund technology improvements.

Status – Not yet started. Once the Master List has been finalized, the next step will be to develop guidelines for fiscal strategies departments can explore to fund future technology improvements.

Key Milestone Update

  • Finalize master list metadata and format

Original milestone date:

October 30, 2021

Completed May 2022
  • Meet with Strategic Planning Steering Committees across pillars

Original milestone date:

November 30, 2021

Completed May 2022. Reviewed all Strategic Implementation plans for identified software needs and added to the “Future Software Needs”
  • Meet with ISD for technology feedback

Original milestone date:

November 30, 2021

Completed July 2022. Emailed various ISD departments for input to future software needs.
  • Survey departments

Original milestone date:

January 30, 2022

Completed August 2022. Accomplished as part of the SB272 data collection process.
  • Release draft master technology list for review

Original milestone date:

June 30, 2022

Completed November 2022.
  • Finalize master technology list

Original milestone date:

July 30, 2022

In-Progress. By December 31, 2022
  • Develop funding strategies

Original milestone date:

October 31, 2022

Not yet started. Activity to begin upon finalization of the master list. Date of completion has been adjusted from October 2022 to February  2023.

Coordination and Partnership Update

The Implementation Leads coordinated review of Strategic Plan pillar objective implementation plans with Pillar Coordinators, to identify plans with a technology solution component for inclusion in the master list.

Community, Equity, and Climate Update

The data information gathered through the department outreach process identifies technologies that align with pillar objectives or goals, including tools that may facilitate equity in operations and services or reduce the County’s climate footprint. Solutions that support Strategic Plan Objectives will be reflected in the finalized Master List.

Funding Narrative

Upon finalization of the Master List, the implementation team will develop guidelines for fiscal strategies that departments can apply to address financing gaps for technology needs. The guidelines will offer different scenarios and approaches departments can undertake, including when to engage ISD to assist with project scoping and pricing estimates.