Organizational Excellence

Be an innovative, effective, engaged, and transparent organization focused on quality programs and services.

Goal 2, Objective 4

Develop a new website that is more customer friendly, community focused, and supports County and community needs by 2022.

On Track 98%

Updated: January 2024

Summary of objective implementation status (achievements or progress over last year; significant delays or issues, etc.)

Implementation of the new County website and subsequent microsites utilizing Ingeniux CMS was completed Q1 2022.  The new CMS went live in March 2022, followed by intense stabilization period and increased opportunities for end user training.  Pending tasks include internal satisfaction survey and website traffic analytics post stabilization.

Key milestone update (include relevant metrics, if applicable)

Pending Tasks

  • Full CMS user training Q4 2022 – Complete
    • Ongoing training occurs as needed
  • Internal Survey – In progress – Target launch Dec 2023
  • Website traffic analytics – In progressTarget Dec 2023
    • New analytics tool brought online November 2022, currently working on full year analytics pre and post launch

Coordination and partnership update


Community, equity and climate update


Funding narrative (If this objective received Strategic Plan funding in year 1 or year 2, please provide a status of expenditures to date.)

Project funding is complete