Organizational Excellence

Be an innovative, effective, engaged, and transparent organization focused on quality programs and services.

Goal 3, Objective 2

Conduct an employee engagement survey by mid-2022, and based on survey data, develop and implement strategies to incorporate survey outcomes into future operational planning.

In Progress

Updated: January 2023

Summary of Objective Implementation Status

The employee survey has been postponed 2 years.

Key Milestone Update


Original Date

Updated Date


Survey partner agencies and identify any that have conducted an employee engagement survey

September, 2021



 Identify potential vendors

October, 2021



 Explore coordinating services and vendors with Implementation Leads for OE-2.1, Community Survey

November, 2021

November, 2023


 Compete for Funding ($5million)

February, 2022

February, 2024


Conduct RFP if needed and Select Vendor

March, 2022

March, 2024


 Identify and engage stakeholders and labor representatives

March, 2022

March, 2024


Develop communications plan

April, 2022

April, 2024


 Conduct Survey

June, 2022

June, 2024


 Establish a cross County working group to begin evaluating data

December, 2022

December, 2024


Request funding for program implementation as needed

January, 2023

January, 2025


Evaluate options, engage appropriate stakeholders

June, 2023

June, 2025


Plan, develop and implement new programs/policies as needed

December, 2023

December, 2025


Conduct subsequent surveys no sooner than every 2 years to assess progress and to inform continued need for program/policy development




Coordination and Partnership Update

Intersection with OE- 2.1 – Conduct a community satisfaction survey to identify baseline expectations.

 Intersection with OE Goal 3, Objective 1 – Implement programs and identify opportunities to support employee work-life balance and a positive work environment, including a Telework Policy.

This internally focused objective will not involve coordination with city/county partners.

Community, Equity, and Climate Update

Focus will be on including strategies to maximize employee participation equitably and at all levels of the organization. Implementation lead will strive for diversity on working group and consult with Office of Equity on questions and process to apply equity lens.

Funding Narrative

Funding was not approved in the Year 1 Strategic Plan Funding Request. A request has been made for Year 2 Strategic Plan Funding. If the funding is approved, the schedule will be revised as indicated above.