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Goal 4, Objective 1

Secure a total of $60 million in grant funding by 2026 for strategic priorities, including technology tools, climate resiliency, and other capital projects.

Updated: January 2024

Summary of objective implementation status (achievements or progress over last year; significant delays or issues, etc.) Progress has been made in obtaining grant funding for Strategic Plan objectives and department priorities. During 2023, the County was awarded a total of $44.08 million in grant funding. Together with 2022 grant awards (totaling $28.5 million or 48%), departments have achieved over 120% of this objective within the first two years of the Strategic Plan.
Project Source Amount Dept
Sustainable Ag Lands Conservation Program State $810,000 Ag+Open Space
American Farmland Trust Soil Health Stewardship Grant Federal Technical Assistance Ag+Open Space
Forest Resilience & Watershed Health in the Russian River Federal $353,174 Ag+Open Space
American Farmland Trust Land Transfer Navigator Program Federal $100,000 Ag+Open Space
PG&E Local Government Partnership Program PG&E $1,204,000 County Administrator
Cannabis Equity Grant State $687,661 County Administrator
Cyber Annex Regional $140,000 Emergency Mngmnt
County & Operational Area Projects State 220,474 Emergency Mngmnt
County & Operational Area Projects State $347,394 Emergency Mngmnt
CA Advanced Services Fund State $600,000 Economic Development
Regional Broadbank Consortium Leadership State $100,000 Economic Development
Affordable Connectivity Outreach Federal 300,000 Economic Development
State-Local Partners State $70,800 Economic Development
Local Aging & Disability Action Planning State $200,000 Human Services
CA Nursing Home & Long-Term Care Infrastructure & Preparedness State $708,686 Health
Community Health Workers for Covid Response & Resilience Federal $2,000,000 Health
Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program: Crisis & Behavioral Health Continuum State $18,233,680 Health
Encampment Resolution Funding, Rolling Part 1 and 2 State $7,330,272 Health
Child Passenger Safety State $90,000 Health
CYBHI Round 3: Early Childhood Wraparound Services State $1,268,217 Health
Child Advocacy Center Program State $200,000 Human Services
Hospitality Industry Training for Dislocated Workers State $420,000 Human Services
Student Training & Employment Program State $711,800 Human Services
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Local $35,000 Information Services
CA Board of State & Community Corrections State $2,993,420 Permit Sonoma
Watershed Protection State $905,792 Regional Parks
Coastal Program Federal $75,000 Regional Parks
CDFA-IPM State $42,421 Regional Parks
Wildfire Prevention State $250,000 Regional Parks
TDA Article 3 Regional $50,000 Regional Parks
Matching Grant Local $1,000,000 Regional Parks
Streamflow Enghancement State $1,063,000 Regional Parks
Watershed Restoration State $905,791 Regional Parks
Guerneville Library Maintenance & ADA State $668,800 Public Infrastructure
 TOTAL $44,085,382
While there has been substantial progress made in grants awarded, and departments continue to monitor available funding opportunities, some departments are experiencing capacity issues with respect to managing future awards and are looking at ways to proactively pursue grant opportunities that will further the County’s priorities in a more efficient manner. Shifting to annual project development that aligns with County priorities, followed by funding alignment, will enable a more intentional, effective and manageable application process. Several employees that work on grants initiated the “Grant User Network,” an informal group of County staff that is directly involved in grant management who meet to discuss their experiences, departmental procedures and audit issues; share templates, training materials and other resources related to grants; and bring questions to the group for guidance and/or input. Currently, the group consists of over 25 staff from 10 County departments who meet on a bi-monthly basis and is continuing to grow. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, staff build on the expertise and experiences of others and are able to understand cross-departmental priorities and practices. Key milestone update (include relevant metrics, if applicable) Due to County Administrator staff vacancies in 2023, delays occurred in the key milestones identified in this Objective’s Implementation Plan, but are not expected to have a negative impact on overall Objective outcomes over the course of the Plan. Key Milestones will be reported in the next update. The County Administrator’s Grant Program has shifted to providing information to departments on grant opportunities and providing resources to assist departments in grant writing. The Policy, Grants & Special Projects division of the County Administrator’s office has, and will continue to, collect departmental grant application statuses, and report to the Board of Supervisors on a quarterly basis. Coordination and partnership update The Objective Implementation Plan outlined specific intersections with Climate Action and Resiliency 1-3, and Resilient Infrastructure 4-1 and 4-2, the status of which is reflected in the grant summary table above. Community, equity and climate update By aligning funding with the Strategic Plan, the values and principles of the plan will be upheld.  Equity is a core component of the strategic plan, and as such will be included and considered in all funding decisions. Funding narrative (If this objective received Strategic Plan funding in year 1 or year 2, please provide a status of expenditures to date.) There is sufficient funding within the CAO’s operational budget to support this Objective.