Resilient Infrastructure​

Enhance services to the community by investing in County facilities and infrastructure; including roads, buildings, communications, and flood protection.

Goal 1, Objective 1

Design the new County Center to be carbon neutral and zero waste; and pursue carbon reduction and zero waste plans for remaining County facilities.
In Progress

Updated: January 2024

Summary of objective implementation status (achievements or progress over last year; significant delays or issues, etc.)

The Board of Supervisors have approved the adoption of a space standard of 170 square feet per person space standard. Typically, space requirements have incorporated approximately 250 square feet per person. With the new standard, workspace will be equitably designed, and the reduced volume will require less heating, cooling, and lighting. The smaller spaces equate to less materials used and its associated carbon footprint.

The County continues to move forward with the concept of a new County Government Center, while pursing options that would allow the County to reduce the footprint of the new government center.

In 2023 the County was presented with an opportunity to lease with an option to purchase a recently constructed 120,000 square foot office building. By purchasing an existing state-of-the-art building, the County not only is able to take advantage of several million dollars in cost avoidance over new construction but avoid associated carbon emissions required in new construction. Re-use of existing buildings is the most carbon economical solution for facilities since carbon associated with manufacture of new materials, transportation of materials and construction equipment are avoided. This building includes significant infrastructure to support the latest technology. The property was recently built as a corporate headquarters in 2015. It features:

–     Energy efficient building systems (mechanical and controls)

–     Energy efficient structure and interior

–     A raised floor system housing HVAC, electrical, data and communication systems allowing simple and efficient reconfiguration of space

The County continues to pursue energy and resilience upgrades at county owned buildings such as Veteran’s buildings. In February of 2022, the Board approved over $1.7 million ($1,771,230) from the Climate Resilience Fund (CRF) for energy and resiliency upgrades to the Santa Rosa Veterans Building.

Recognizing that construction is a significant source of waste and greenhouse gas emissions, the County requires contractors to prioritize Deconstruction, Reclaim, Reuse, Recycling, Composting and non-Disposal Recovery for all construction waste Materials generated by a Project.

Key milestone update (include relevant metrics, if applicable)

In January 2023, the Board of Supervisors approved the existing County Administration Center site as the tentative location for a new County Government Center, for purposes of conducting further analysis and other pre-project planning, feasibility, and development plan efforts.

In November 2023, the County and building owner of 400 Aviation Blvd agreed on a letter of intent to lease with an option to purchase. The lease and purchase option are in negotiations.

Coordination and partnership update

This objective has direct impacts on several other objectives:

  • RI 1.2 Standards for Office improvements: The new CGC will establish standards that can be applied to existing offices;
  • RI 2.3 Design and build a new, resilient Emergency Operations Center (EOC): The new EOC will be part of the procurement for the new CGC;
  • CAR 2.3 Design or retrofit County facilities to be carbon neutral, zero waste and incorporate resilient construction techniques and materials: Re-use of existing buildings is the most carbon economical solution for facilities since carbon associated with manufacture of new materials, transportation of materials and construction equipment are avoided.

Community, equity and climate update

The new County government center project will be approached with methodology to maximize service delivery to the community with a focus on equity and triple net zero practices to minimize environmental impact.

Funding narrative (If this objective received Strategic Plan funding in year 1 or year 2, please provide a status of expenditures to date.)

While pursuing new construction, the Board approved funding for legal consultation, environmental studies and staff support for a new County Government Center. The County has adopted new financial policies to increase savings that could be used for new construction or a lease to purchase plan for an existing facility.