Resilient Infrastructure​

Enhance services to the community by investing in County facilities and infrastructure; including roads, buildings, communications, and flood protection.

Goal 1, Objective 4

Establish resilient neighborhood/regional and satellite service centers with access to transportation systems in West County, Cloverdale, and Sonoma Valley, as expressed in the Real Estate Master Plan, by 2023 in order to improve equitable public access to services.


Updated: January 2024

Summary of Objective Implementation Status

Since 2014, efforts have been made to identify appropriate locations for neighborhood-based services in County regions to the east (Sonoma, Sonoma Valley), north (Windsor/Healdsburg/Cloverdale), and west (Guerneville).

To the north (Cloverdale), County departments had indicated a preference to set up services in Cloverdale, but there have been no properties large enough to accommodate County departments. Health Services currently leases a small office at 140 So. Cloverdale Boulevard providing behavioral health services.

In West County, the County acquired the Bank of America building/property at 16390 Main Street in Guerneville, leased by the County since 2006. Acquisition of this property provides the County with stability and opportunities from which to expand services in West County.

In 2018, a one-stop, neighborhood-based services center was established in Petaluma at 5350 Old Redwood Highway, where Human Services and Health Services are co-located, and partner with West County Community Services to provide services to South County residents. In addition to the Old Redwood Highway location, Health Services utilizes office space within the Petaluma Health Center to provide WIC services.

In Sonoma, Health Services has largely relied on sharing space with Sonoma Valley Health Center, an existing non-profit partner agency, and providing services out of County-owned office space within the Sheriff’s substation location at 810 Grove Street. In Winter of 2023-24, neighborhood-based satellite services to Sonoma Valley started with the leasing of 19080 Lomita Avenue in Sonoma. Representatives from the County departments of Health Services, Human Services, Child Support Services, and District 1 will be housed at this location. These premises will also be utilized to serve as a housing navigation services center, in partnership with the Sonoma County Community Development Commission and the City of Sonoma. In addition, the County Registrar of Voters may utilize the premises as a vote center for Sonoma Valley residents during elections; and the Office of Equity will utilize the premises as a resource, that does not currently exist in the area, to facilitate the OOE’s community engagement work.

With respect to mobile services: Since the initial plan to implement neighborhood-based services, the focus has been to identify feasible locations for neighborhood-based services through existing stationary, brick-and-mortar-type facilities. General Services staff will pursue mobile services alternatives in North County (Windsor-Healdsburg-Cloverdale) and other areas, where necessary and as requested by County departments, as an alternative to stationary office satellite locations.

Key Milestone Update

In December 2022, The County acquired the former Bank of America commercial office property, comprised of 7,784 Sq. ft. of office space in West Sonoma County, centrally located in downtown Guerneville. The acquisition will guarantee the continuity of services provided at this location by the County Health Services and Probation Departments, together with West County Community Services, to residents of the lower Russian River area.

The County Community Development Commission operates a warming shelter program through use of the Veterans Memorial Building in downtown Guerneville, to provide a year-round, round-the clock facility to address the County’s homeless service needs in West County, and to help prevent the spread of COVID.

In July 2023, the County executed a lease for 19080 Lomita Avenue in Sonoma to be used as a neighborhood satellite services center for Sonoma Valley.

Coordination and Partnership Update

At the Petaluma satellite and Guerneville satellite service locations, Health Services partners with West County Community Services. West County Community Services currently operates the Petaluma Peer Recovery Center (PPRC), which serves behavioral health clients identified in the Mental Health Services Act Plan, including transition-age young adults, adults, older adults with serious mental illness, and consumer and family organizations. In addition, Health Services is also embedded with Petaluma Health Center and Sonoma Valley Health Center, sharing space at those locations to provide WIC services to clients in those communities. The Sonoma Valley satellite service center will operate in partnership with the City of Sonoma, local non-profits, and other organizations in Sonoma Valley.

Community, Equity, and Climate Update

Locating services where residents live and work makes the services more available to people who may not have the means to travel to Santa Rosa for services. Additionally, the reduction in travel time for residents equates to a reduction in carbon emissions from travel.

Funding Narrative

In February 2022, funding was approved by the Board for acquisition of an RV-type vehicle, which would be utilized by Human Services and Department of Child Support Services for delivery of County neighborhood-based services.

In June, 2022 the Board of Supervisors authorized the purchase of the Bank of America building in Guerneville for a total acquisition cost including critical improvements of $3,105,371. The cost was primarily funded with $2,981,834 from the County’s Capital Projects Deferred Maintenance Fund. The Bank of America building will provide satellite services to the communities in west county.

In July 2023, the Board of Supervisors authorized the leasing of 19080 Lomita Avenue in the Sonoma Springs area for a term of 5 years, with one, 5-year option to extend with rent payments of $17,596.80 per month, subject to annual 3% increases. The one-time move and rent expenses incurred during FY23-24 will be paid from the annual $1 million County Center set-aside for regional/satellite offices in the Capital Projects Deferred Maintenance Fund. The total expenditures for FY24-25 consist of rent of $216,969, plus janitorial services of $13,594, for a total of $230,562. FY24-25 expenses will also be paid with from the annual County Center set-aside for regional/satellite offices.