Resilient Infrastructure​

Enhance services to the community by investing in County facilities and infrastructure; including roads, buildings, communications, and flood protection.

Goal 2, Objective 2

Invest in electric power resiliency projects at County facilities, including Veteran’s Buildings, used for evacuation sites, warming/cooling centers, or as alternate work facilities for delivery of critical services.
On Track 37%

Updated: January 2023

Summary of Objective Implementation Status

The Board has approved the County’s participation in PG&E’s Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) program. In this program the County will obtain “investment grade” audits  (IGA) of the energy and water use in our existing buildings and will create an Energy Master Plan (EMP).   To assess the required size the microgrid,  PG&E’s consultant, Willdan Energy is evaluating  energy demands of various systems on the county properties and opportunities for energy reduction projects including changing light fixtures, HVAC system changes, water heaters, insulation and sealants .  The Microgrid scope will be one of the investment grade audits to present to the board as part of the energy masterplan to consider new facility energy needs and of those buildings seen to remain in the foreseeable future. The IGA’s will provide options for financing.

Concurrently, the solar panels at the Los Guilicos campus are under study to consolidate and refurbish County owned panels with panels under power purchase agreement on County property.  This investment grade audit is investigating the feasibility of adding a battery arrays to serve not only to shave peak hour energy usage but to provide a resilient and sustainable power source to serve the campus, which includes the Juvenile Justice Center, Valley of the Moon Children’s Home, Crestwood Mental Health Facility and Los Guilicos Village.

A third microgrid is being planned for the Santa  Rosa Veteran’s Building.  This building was extensively used as a shelter during emergency declarations and as cooling center during Public Safety Power Shutoffs.  The importance of this asset was made apparent during the five wildfires and multiple PSPS events that occurred in recent years.  Although the building was recently provided with an emergency generator, emissions from the diesel powered generator is against the County’s goals towards carbon reduction but will remain as a reliable backup should an emergency be protracted and offer the opportunity for the microgrid to recharge.

The Airport Photovoltaic Canopy Project is complete and operational.  Since it’s completion in January 2022, the system  generats 11.08 MWh of electricity  and saved 13,400 lbs of carbon a month.  The system size is 780kW.

Key Milestone Update

Investment Grade Audits are anticipated to be submitted in spring 2023

Coordination and Partnership Update

  • CAR3-1 Design or Retrofit County facilities to be carbon neutral, zero waste and incorporate resilient construction: County Government Center to incorporate CAL Green for building standards with options for greater levels of performance to be presented to the Board.  CAL Green is incorporated as a standard to current projects in design.
  • CAR3-3 Invest in County-owned facilities, establishing carbon eliminating microgrid technology: Investment Grade Audits being developed for County Administration Center, Los Guilicos and Santa Rosa Veterans Building.
  • RI1-1 Design new County Government Center to be carbon neutral: delayed pending Board direction on site and cost.

Community, Equity, and Climate Update

Community, Equity and Climate considerations are advancing with the Los Guilicos, Santa Rosa Veterans Building and Airport solar projects.  Implementation of the County Center microgrid is delayed pending Board direction on site and cost of the total project.

Funding Narrative

Climate Action funds in the amount o $970,000 have ben approved by the Board towards the Santa Rosa Veterans building Microgrid.

Financing opportunities for other projects will be identified by PG&E with the Investment Grade Audit.