Archive 2022

Climate Action and Resiliency

Goal 1: Continue to invest in wildfire preparedness and resiliency strategies.

Goal 2: Invest in the community to enhance resiliency and become carbon neutral by 2030

Goal 3: Make all County facilities carbon free, zero waste and resilient.

Goal 4: Maximize sustainability and emissions reductions in all County Fleet vehicles.

Goal 5: Maximize opportunities for mitigation of climate change and adaptation through land conservation work and land use policies.

Healthy and Safe Communities

Goal 1: Expand integrated system of care to address gaps in services to the County’s most vulnerable.

Goal 2: Establish equitable and data-driven distribution of services.

Goal 3: In collaboration with cities, increase affordable housing development near public transportation and easy access to services.

Goal 4: Reduce the County’s overall homeless population by 10% each year by enhancing services through improved coordination and collaboration.

Goal 5: Continue to invest in public safety so that residents and visitors feel safe in our community.

Organizational Excellence

Goal 1: Strengthen operational effectiveness, fiscal reliability, and accountability.

Goal 2: Increase information sharing and transparency and improve County and community engagement.

Goal 3: Become an employer of choice with a diverse workforce that reflects our community, and an employer with a positive work culture that results in engaged and developed employees.

Goal 4: Seek out grant funding to enhance programs and improve infrastructure.

Racial Equity and Social Justice

Goal 1: Foster a County organizational culture that supports the commitment to achieving racial equity.

Goal 2: Implement strategies to make the County workforce reflect County demographic across all levels.

Goal 3: Ensure racial equity throughout all County policy decisions and service delivery.

Goal 4: Engage community members and stakeholder groups to develop priorities and to advance racial equity.

Resilient Infrastructure

Goal 1: Invest in County buildings and technology solutions to enhance service delivery and improve employee mobility.

Goal 2: Invest in capital systems to ensure continuity of operations and disaster response.

Goal 3: Continue to invest in critical road, bridge, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure.

Goal 4: Implement countywide technological solutions to promote resiliency and expand community access.

Goal 5: Support, fund, and expand flood protection.