Organizational Excellence

Be an innovative, effective, engaged, and transparent organization focused on quality programs and services.

Goal 1, Objective 1

Align the Board of Supervisors’ strategic priorities, policy, and operational goals with funding and resources.

On Track 85%

Updated: January 2024

Summary of Objective Implementation Status

The Board allocated $5 million in one-time funding toward strategic plan priorities during FY 2021-22 and allocated an additional $5 million, including $1 million in ongoing funding, was programmed in the FY 2022-23 budget, with the Board expected to select projects to fund in early 2023.  This is in addition to other sources targeting specific goals such as climate resiliency.  Additionally, strategic plan alignment has been incorporated into all departmental funding requests, including  Program Change Requests considered at Budget Hearings as well as off-cycle funding opportunities.

Key Milestone Update

All milestones are currently on target

  • Identify $5 million of 1x funding for the strategic plan
Completed – July, 2021
  • Identify initial strategic plan objective funding needs
Completed – Fall 2021, in conjunction with implementation plans
  • Include strategic plan alignment in ARPA funding discussions
Completed – December, 2021
  • Revise budget instructions and Program Change Request forms to include strategic plan alignment
Completed – December, 2021
  • Distribution of $5M set aside for strategic plan
Completed – Feburary, 2022
  • Inclusion of strategic alignment in all funding decision matrixes
Completed – June, 2022; Ongoing
  • Inclusion of strategic plan alignment discussion in budget book

On Target – June 2023; ongoing

In addition, an additional $5 million, including $1 million of ongoing funding, was set aside for strategic plan implementation at the FY 2022-23 budget hearings and is targeted for distribution during the winter of 2023.

Coordination and Partnership Update

The County Administrator’s Office, particularly the Operations and Budget team and the Policy Grants and Special Projects team coordinate on incorporating the strategic plan into funding decisions.   Because this item relates to County funding of the Board’s Strategic priorities, there are not direct partnerships with other entities.

Community, Equity, and Climate Update

By aligning funding with the Strategic Plan, the values and principles of the plan will be upheld.  Equity is a core component of the strategic plan, and as such will be included and considered in all funding decisions.  Staff at the CAO work with the Office of Equity to ensure that equity is explicitly considered as part of the evaluation for funding, particularly on areas such as ARPA distribution.  The direct implementation of this plan does not have geographic equity or climate impacts, however climate has been considered as it relates to the Strategic plan and specific funding has been allocated toward climate mitigation.

Funding Narrative

This item relates to the distribution of county resources and helps direct distribution of those resources.  There is no direct cost to the County.