Racial Equity and Social Justice

Achieve racial equity in County service provision and ensure a workforce reflective of the community we serve.

Goal 3, Objective 2

Establish regular and publicly available reports on racial equity in County policies, programs, and services.


Updated: January 2024

Summary of objective implementation status (achievements or progress over last year; significant delays or issues, etc.)

At this time, there is no centralized place for County racial equity reporting. However, there are different initiatives across the County reporting progress on racial equity.

Key milestone update (include relevant metrics, if applicable)

  1. Race Equity Impact Analyses for Significant Board items (significant policy or resource allocation decisions) – public on Legistar, tracked by CAO internally
  2. The County will continue to report on ARPA Community Resilience Programs and AR RBA in County Safety Net Departments race equity performance measures through the Clear Impact Dashboard.
  3. Racial Equity Action Plan reporting- in development

Coordination and partnership update

Continued collaborations and partnerships as indicated by the significant Board item calendar to publish those policies, programs and services identified for race equity analysis.

Community, equity and climate update

By engaging anti-racist principles in data-driven decision making, we are embedding equity into the day-to-day work of the County of Sonoma.

Funding narrative (If this objective received Strategic Plan funding in year 1 or year 2, please provide a status of expenditures to date.)

The OOE received funding to hire a Strategic Plan Program Planning and Evaluation Analyst (SP PPEA) as well as an Anti-racist Results-Based Accountability Program Planning and Evaluation Analyst (AR RBA). The AR RBA PPEA will support the development of a dashboard for programs and services, and the SP PPEA will be responsible for the racial equity impact analyses.